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On our platform Finance Illustrated, it’s like a mega-mart with everything inside. We provide you lessons about finance topics such as Forex, stocks, binary options and many more all on the same platform. Moreover, there are articles about those finance topics to further enhance your learning. To go a step further, some of our articles will also provide fun facts to make learning more enjoyable.

Learning can be fun but finance topics can be really dry. We aim to inculcate fun and easy to digest materials so as to improve your learning. Our platform is easy to navigate and with all information readily available, you couldn’t ask for more.

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Forex Application Forex iOS and Android applications

Our Forex trading app has been launched in 2013 and upgrading every year! Our app is constantly updated to give users the best overall experience to Forex trading.  Our app runs in over 10 different languages and has crossed the 100k downloads mark. We want users to learn Forex trading in the best and most enjoyable way. Furthermore, we have specialized quizzes to enhance your learning on Forex trading. Most people might find Forex trading tough and difficult to read but our app makes it so simple!

We also provide friendly competition by enabling you to compete with others just by logging in through Facebook.  You stand nothing to lose but much to gain by equipping yourself with a new skillset.

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Linda Taylor
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Forex24 Best learning resource for upcoming forex experts

What is forex? It is one of the most thrilling and profitable markets to invest in. It offers huge potential of profits as well as losses. Forex is a place where traders match the whole economies of the leading countries of the world against one another.

The daily volume of forex trades can reach more than $4 trillion! We were intrigued by the potential of this market and started to look for learning materials for this tricky market but got quite frustrated as there were no educational materials that were pleasant to read.

The internet is full of bland, boring and often misleading bits of textual information that would take years to dig through. So we decided to dive into this theme more, cooperate with forex specialists and create a resource for currency exchange trading beginners that works and is also a pleasure to read for normal people without a degree in financial analysis.

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Uldis Groza
Janis Drobisevskis
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Nauris Skride
Rancho water wake park

Another wild project done!

We launched ourselves out of the box and made something great for the mind & body. It’s a place to forget your daily routine and to have fun! It took us almost 6 months to get all the paperwork, project planning, designing, sketching and building done.

It was a fantastic process and a great possibility to step away from the keyboard and to build something with our hands. In the park you can enjoy wakeboarding on a beautiful lake with 4 different types of slides and 3 types of kickers, sunbathing and chilling & grilling among your friends.

Step by when you come to Latvia in the summer!

Our tiim:
Janis Drobisevskis
Normunds Bucenieks
Cred24 independent fast credit comparison experts

Fast loan companies are growing and expanding big time all over the world. It has never been easier and faster to borrow small amounts of money.

The goal of Cred24 is to help people with financial problems to choose the best payday loan offers thus saving their money and time.

Cred24 provides free quality comparisons of the most popular credit companies. Cred24 currently provides its services in Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and UK.

*comming soon to .cz .ca .es .in .us .eu

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Nauris Skride
John Taylor
Linda Taylor
DOIT. iPhone task manager application

Doit is a task management application for iPhone which generated an unexpected level of press coverage. It was created by our 15 year old prodigy developer Kristers Jursevskis who had just joined our team and who then happened to be the youngest app programmer in Latvia. Kristers and the Doit app were even aired in the evening news in the national TV of Latvia.

Simple, intuitive notes & tasks manager for iPhone mobile devices.

+Quick multiple task entry
+Repeating tasks
+Timed tasks
+Push notifications
+Drag and drop sorting
+Multiple ToDo management
+High priority button
+Note management
+Quick switch between folders
+Retina display ready


check out Doit. subpage

Our tiim:
Uldis Groza
Janis Drobisevskis
Kristers Jursevskis
PRBOX free press release distribution service in Latvia

PRBOX is an online service that lets you create and distribute multimedia press releases, build press rooms, manage contact lists and monitor the social interactions.

PRBOX created quite a buzz and even fear among all the major PR agencies in Latvia as it was the first PR service that offered free press release distribution in Latvia.

PRBOX was sold in 2012.

Our tiim:
Uldis Groza
Andris Ludriks
Aiga Volksone